Henderson Apartments 1 - 24


51 Labor Center Way
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554

Named in honor of Mr. Alfred Reid Henderson, born Dec. 11, 1884 at Jersey City; died Dec., 1954; began work in 1901 for Erie Railroad; studied engineering through correspondence courses; passed Civil Engineer Examinations for N.J. joined staff of the Delaware and Hudson Railroad in 1909; personal assistant to Leonor F. Loree, President of D&H Railroad; supervised building and landscaping Loree estate, "Bowood" (later the Cartaret School for Boys, South Orange, NJ); spent summers of 1918,1919 and 1920 on loan to N.J. College for Women to help its establishment; first Bursar of N.J. College for Women, 1921-1938; instrumental in the construction of many of the first buildings at N.J. College for Women, especially the "packing box" gym and the Gibbons dormitories at a time when there were no roads or utilities stretching to that end of New Brunswick.

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