Beck Hall


99 Avenue E
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8040

Named after Lewis Caleb Beck. Born Oct 4, 1798 in Schenectady, NY; died Apr 20, 1853; graduated from Union College, 1817; studied medicine and practiced in Schenectady, 1818- 20; Professor of Botany and Chemistry, Vermont Academy of Medicine, 1826-32; Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy, Rutgers College, 1830-53; Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy Albany Medical College, 1841-53; appointed Mineralogist of New York State Geological Survey, 1837; publications include A Manual of Chemistry(1831) and The Botany of the United States North of Virginia (1848). Source: Catalogue of Building and Place Names at Rutgers
Building ID code: BE

SAS - Africana Studies
SAS - Chem & Chemical Biology
SAS-Division of Life Sciences
Scheduling & Space Management
Facilities Maint Svcs - B-L
Facilities Maint & Opers-Util
Office Information Technology
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