Smithers Hall - Center of Alcohol Studies


607 Allison Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8001

New Smithers Hall (Center of Alcohol Studies) was erected in 1964. It was named after Christopher D. Smithers. Born in 1865; died May 28, 1952, on Long Island, N.Y.; Stockbroker; son of Charles Francis Smithers, former President of the Bank of Montreal; helped establish the investment banking firm of Nelson, Smithers and Reimer (later Smithers and Reimer), 1889; became a partner in F.S. Smithers & Co., 1897; senior partner, 1909; in 1911, helped bring about the merger of the Tabulating Machine Co., the International time Recording Co., and the Computing Scale Co. to form the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co., which, in 1924, became the International Business Machines Corp.; Director, IBM, 1913-52; Smithers Hall was a gift of Brinkley Smithers, in honor of his father, Christopher D. Smithers. Source: Catalogue of Buildings and Place Names at Rutgers.

Center of Alcohol Studies
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